Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the beginning..

HOWDY!! Welcome to my journey :) This year is my year for change and a new direction! We are moving to Colorado next month and I have decided I am ready to take a new path, a new adventure. I have been wanting for a long long time to get my personal trainers certification and open my own gym of some sort. Now is the perfect time!! So this blog will start out following my journey to getting my body and soul in shape as well as my journey into getting my certification. I have 120 days to study and take my test, but I would like to take it before April 1, 2010!!

I am also going to be getting a group fitness certification and a ZUMBA certification!!! Yip Yip!! I have a ton of ideas floating around in this brain of mine so hopefully they come to life soon!!!

Eventually, I would like to turn this blog into something for my studio, once it is up and running!!

So, I hope you enjoy my journey with me! And words of advice and encouragement are ALWAYS welcome!!

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