Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tips from OXYGEN

Used to read this magazine few years back and just recently started back on it again. I LOVE IT!! There is so much info in here as far as training and eating goes. Here is a little tidbit I picked up in the Feb 2010 edition:

~Conisistaancyto training, nutrition and recovery is what leads to improvements

~If we continue to make excuses instead of making time, our friendships and our fitness will begin to fizzle.

~To be truly engaged, we need to stay focused on the present moment. It is equally important to stay tuned into your workout. Focusing on each and every set and feeling the muscles working and contracting allows you to build what is called the "mind muscle connection."

Healthy Relationship Gym Tips
1. Define expectations-what do you want from the gym and what are you willing to put into it?
2. Schedule Workouts!!!
3. Seek Change-be open to new things, take risks!
4. Stay focused-go in with a plan!
5. Find the good-Results don't happen overnight! Take pride in at least getting to the gym 4 days a week!!!

Hope you guys find this motivating!! I have not been this motivated in a long long time, so I am happy to find my groove again!!

Now off to study!!

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