Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simple Facts

So I have started reading my book for my NASM personal training cert and I am learning some interesting tidbits!

*Personal training started with the guys at the gyms that were "the big buff guys"...the ones that were always working out etc
*Today 33% of adults are OBESE!!! Holy crap!! We need to get off our butts (but not until you are done with my blog!!) and get out there and PlAy!!!
*The musculoskeletal system is easily overtrained when you are deconditioned, leading to an increase in injury rates!!

NASM follows the OPT model: Optimum Perfomance training, which has 5 phases:
1. Stabilization
2. Strength endurance
3. Hypertrophy
4. Max strength
5. Power

Did you know that if you perform an exercise in a controlled, yet unstable environment-your body must recruit more muscles, which equals more calories burned!!

Personal Training Advancements

So i have been working with a trainer for about 2 months now and she is totally kickin my rear but I love it!! I improved on 2 very noticable things!! My planks are getting much better...a month ago I could barely do a side plank and now I can almost hold it 30 seconds!! Also, I have been able to decrease the weight on the assisted pull up for the first time in 3 years!!! GO ME!!!

Signing off for now, got to figure out some photo stuff!!

peace Out Girl Scouts!

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